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Spanish Beginners Training Plan

Beginner Spanish Tutor and Student



1. Communicative skills

  • How to introduce ourselves (formal and informal)

  • Asking questions in class and resources for asking about words (e.g. what does …… mean?, How do you say …..?  can you speak more slowly?, can you speak louder?, how do you pronounce ……?)

  • Giving and requesting personal details (e.g. what’s your name?, my name is…, how old are you?, What’s your mobile number?)

  • Saying hello and goodbye

  • How to spell


2. Vocabulary topics

  • Personal introductions

  • The alphabet

  • Numbers 0-100

  • Countries and nationalities

  • Professions

3. Grammar/structures

  • Gender of nouns

  • The three verb congujations: ar, er, ir

  • The verbs ser, llamarse and tener

  • The ‘presente indicativo’

4. Anticipated focus of activity

  1. Speaking 40%

  2. Listening 30%

  3. Reading 15%

  4. Writing 15%


Spanish Intermediate Training Plan

Intermediate Spanish Students in a conversation class

1. Communicative skills


  • Speaking about difficulties in the class

  • Describing feelings in the class

  • Expressing and comparing likes and dislikes.

  • Asking about likes and dislikes

  • Eating out in bars and restaurants

  • Ordering and giving information about food

  • Speaking about different culinary habits

2. Vocabulary topics

  • Feeling ‘ridículo/ridícula/seguro/a, inseguro/insegura, frustrado/a, bien, mal…’

  • Sports and spare time activities

  • Personal likes and dislikes

  • The meals of the day

  • Food

  • Different ways of cooking

  • Common dishes in Spain and typical dishes in the Hispanic world


3. Grammar/structures

  • The present regular and irregular verbs

  • The verbs ‘costar’, ‘sentirse’ and ‘gustar’

  • Para/porque

  • The impersonal form with ‘se’

  • The verbs ‘poner’ and ‘traer’

  • Direct objects pronouns (lo, la, los, las)



4. Anticipated focus of activity 


  1. Speaking 40%

  2. Listening 30%

  3. Reading 15%

  4. Writing 15%

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